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Facilities Supplies Overview

Clean facilities are important to any business, and SEPG is an experienced, trusted partner to facility and maintenance professionals throughout many industries.

Our goal is to help clean and protect your buildings and other properties to ensure the health of occupants and visitors. Whether you oversee a school, single-story office building, skyscraper, or a hospital, a dedicated team of sales and facility specialists will work to evaluate your business processes while sharing insight into the unique challenges of your industry.

We offer no-cost facility assessments to help us recommend value-added products and solutions. After a thorough review, SEPG facility specialists can help identify and resolve many common issues that might be having a costly impact on your company’s bottom line. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Excess labor and product usage
  • Improper dispensers, machinery, or products
  • Manual processes
  • Too much inventory

Our solutions focus on increasing productivity through proper machinery, processes, and products. We provide programs and training including:

  • Cleaning and housekeeping best practices
  • Floor care
  • Total restroom solutions
  • And more!


  • absorbents
  • bleach
  • degreasers
  • dish care
  • disinfectants
  • floor care
  • general purpose
  • glass cleaners
  • insecticides
  • laundry supplies
  • polish
  • restroom


  • bottle sprays
  • brooms
  • brushes
  • buckets
  • carts
  • cloths
  • dusters/pans
  • floor mats
  • gloves
  • handles
  • mops
  • pads
  • scrapers
  • sponges
  • squeegees


  • auto scrubbers
  • burnishers
  • replacement parts
  • vacuums


  • liners and cans


  • batteries
  • signs
  • specialty products


  • air fresheners/odor control
  • personal hygiene
  • sanitizers
  • soap and dispensers
  • toilet and urinal care


  • facial tissue
  • toilet tissue and dispensers
  • towels and dispensers
  • wipers and dispensers

Contact your SEPG Sales Representative or call toll-free at (800) 858-7230